Green Henon Gender Equality Addresses

Green Henon assumes both genders are equal and should be treated fairly. However, considering the high vulnerability of young women the project gives an extra opportunity to develop more women entrepreneurs to support their households in a meaningful way. Usually, mothers are the ones who are more attached to their children and see the value of food to the children not only that women are best at income management and wise investments so we encourage more women to join the projects.

Adolescent girls, pregnant and lactating women who are affected by malnutrition and complications from vitamin deficiency.
With regard to Greenhouse farming in urban areas, in collaboration with city administrations, the company gives priorities to young women between the ages of 18 and 25 to be more productive and engage them on entrepreneur and enterprise development projects and own their own food manufacturing units which can supply quality vegetables to the retail market.

In rural greenhouse farming, we develop the greenhouses to the lady of the household (The Farmer’s wife) and her young children who are also engaged to farming. Usually the hardcore horizontal farming is carried out by the husband. He also manages the income which in return keeps the woman dependent on his will. In Ethiopia an average smallholder farmer holds half hectare of land and the land is so small to accommodate all family members on the same farm land. However, if the project can develop a 120 sq. Meters of Greenhouse at his backyard, it can accommodate his spouse together with the children to grow vegetables, raise chickens and fishes. The income from the greenhouse could be as equal as the comparatively large area cultivated by the husband or could even be larger. In addition having nutrition dense food for the household the farm can generate income by selling the surplus production. This income could support the family substantially and can even send the kids to school buy required farm tools and equipment, dress well and attend a relatively good health care.

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