Our first Green House Construction

Green Henon proposes small scale low cost indoor greenhouse growing mechanisms that we build 60 small scale interconnected greenhouses in one hectare of land. We have planned to build this 60 in one hectare greenhouses in five different locations in the city. one greenhouse can incorporate 10 youths and one location can be managed by 600 youths that they can produce fresh vegetables, poultry products, fish and mushroom. Our plan is while our supply chain management team is supplying the produce for the next 4 up to 6 months our Henon division will deploy this 60 in one hectare Henon green houses in Addis Ababa in an estimated time frame of 4 up to 6-month mean while our show case and learning facility that is under construction at megenagna will be ready for show by June 29th which is in 3 weeks’ time. Our NGO partner( ASDA) will take the responsibility to train the youth in practical, theoretical and psychological manner after successful compilation of their training the trained youths will get self-employment opportunity and one greenhouse will be managed by 10 members that we will give all 60 greenhouses to the trained youth. After that the company constantly engage with them and render technical support and advice, supply them seedlings and other starting materials and Green Henon will buy their produce and supply it to the catering service company that will feed COVID-victims in the quarantine centers at Millennium hall and probably in other locations if the pandemic is not controlled at the short time frame. That way we supply vegetables, poultry products, mushroom and fishes initially come from the greenhouses built by the company. Furthermore, effort will be exerted to expand production by selected out growers where Green Henon staffs provide vegetable seeds or seedlings and the remaining deficit of the supply needed will be supplied by our supply chain management system.

The solution is designed to be cost effective, highly efficient, climate smart and nutrition efficient. Furthermore, the solution enables farmers to produce four to seven folds than the conventional farming. This increases food availability all year round which was dependent on rainy season alone.

Green Henon introduces a climate smart and affordable greenhouse farming which contains horizontal and vertical farming, drip irrigation system, hydroponics farming (Soil based and non-soil) systems, supplementary poultry keeping and aquaculture.

The greenhouse is made from locally available materials such as wood, plastic cover, shed nets, pipes, bamboos and other available products will contribute to sustainability and replicability of the technology. It can be erected on a land size starting from 120 sq. Meters. The water used is fully recyclable and has an off grid power system to light up LED lights and vent systems. The cost of a typical greenhouse is estimated at 100,000 ETB to 180,000 ETB depending on the options a client chooses and availability of raw materials at closer proximity. However, the Investment Return Rate (IRR) is high. Production could be three to seven folds depending on the product to be developed.

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