Situation Analysis and Problems to be Addressed

Ethiopia’s socio-economic advancement rests on agricultural-based livelihoods which cover about 85 % of the population. Hence, the effort to advance development in the country must be started by transformation of agriculture from subsistence-based agriculture to, market-oriented surplus-producing Agriculture. Investments in education, health, roads and transport and other infrastructure services will also play a vital role in the transformation of Agriculture. Innovations are also equally important to promote multi sectoral approach towards overcoming malnutrition by promoting nutrition sensitive and climate smart agriculture to prevent wasting and stunting of children under the age of 5. Feeding children under five balanced and nutritious foods is critical to attain physical and mental development of children as future leadership of the country rests on the younger generation.

Since Ethiopia has been practicing traditional complex and long supply chains that a produce has to pass at least four chain of lines on average that include the farmer, couple of (on average four) brokers, whole sellers and consumers. In which it is exposed to inflated price in the food market and cause massive post-harvest loss in both quality and quantity perspectives. So this value chain is a big problem that needs an immediate attention and innovation to avoid disruption of the whole value chain system.

As we all know, since the emergence of covid-19, the agricultural sector is one of the industries that have been heat hard by the effect of the pandemic worldwide. Due to the fact that Addis Ababa city admin has to feed several people through food banks, quarantine centers and hospitals continues supply of food is highly imperative. That actually demanded huge supply of produces. High demand as a result of covid-19 issues and the price of the food market has been sky rocketing that makes feeding all those people is so difficult. Let’s take an example millennium hall has been changed to a quarantine center that can hold two thousand people including patients, doctors and other staff members the health institution which has to feed three times a day. 3 million ETB to feed all two thousand people in a day which is over 70 million ETB per month to feed only the millennium hall quarantine center. Which is a huge problem to be solved otherwise it can lead the country to bankruptcy.

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