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Green Henon Agricultural Technology Service PLC (GHATS)

Is an agricultural startup founded in late 2017 and incorporated in 2020 by nine Young energetic founders. Considering that feeding the world mainly Africa in which Ethiopia is part has become a difficult challenge in recent years. Food and nutrition security is unattained goal in few parts of Ethiopia which demands relentless effort to feed the growing population and support the industry in order to generate foreign currency in view of contributing to the alleviation of the aforementioned challenges, GHATS is working on five strategic issues which are scarcity of Land, unemployment and women empowerment, nutrition, environment, and agricultural supply chain. Our startup is operating and researching new Agricultural trends such as vertical farming or indoor farming, establishing value chain, and supply chain management system. Our startup is built by young entrepreneurs and experienced professionals in the technological, mechanical, and agricultural aspects. The startup is a combination of cutting edge, high quality, efficient food technology, and production practices that aspire to contribute to food and nutrition security and employment generation while caring for environment in which we live.

GHATS business strategy was designed on lean model and operating as a social enterprise which is building a strong capable team and designing projects that are relevant to achieving GHATS’s vision and partnering with other partners including NGO’s, CSO’s, GOVT and Cooperative unions to execute projects effectively and efficiently. The new era of entrepreneurship, business and projects which is PPP public private partnership that all the partners will achieve their desired Goal and most importantly will have immense effect in creating sustainable solutions.


Green Henon aspires to become a center of excellence that contributes and creates a green economy through advanced agricultural technologies. We would like to see a poverty free self-reliant Ethiopia, where food, livelihood and nutrition are secured.


Green Henon’s mission to feed Ethiopia with highly nutritious and affordable foods while employing resource conserving technologies such as supply chain management system, and sequential farming system. This mission statement is not just a statement but born from the hearts of young people who has the zeal and the passion to feed the needy.


We live and act with integrity
We show professionalism
We Respect Diversity
Wise use of Resources
Unity of Purpose
Courage and Commitment
Result oriented

Organazational Structure for Green Henon

Green Henon is structured with the aim to develop new business ideas in line with achieving Green Henon vision; ‘Food for all’. Most of our business ideas focuses on technology and investments activities. We provide solutions which would resolve the value chain bottleneck in the argrculture industry in Ethiopia, through mapping the forward and backward integrations for agriculture developemnt. Accordingly, our organization structured as follows:

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