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Digitalization of Ethiopian agriculture

Agriculture is a series of complex individual but inter-dependent processes. Agricultural work needs to be organised into efficient stages to ensure a good yield. Therefore, the success of a given product is based on a triangle formed by the farmer, technology and the supply chain management concept.

A digital farmer profile unites comprehensive data on a farmer and his or her farm. Through these profiles, and with IVR technology, farmers can access crop modeling, rainfall and soil information, among many other data services.

Green Henon digitalization in agriculture, brings together the power of big data analytics, the benefits of digital services and solutions, and the promise of business developments, can be a strong catalyst for increased productivity, improved income, climate resilience, and the inclusion of women and youth for smallholder agricultural transformation

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Why Agriculture Data Digitization ?

Data-driven agriculture: opportunities

There are inherent advantages in data access for farmers. The opportunities for farmers include the usage of data for different agri-food systems, in

  • Planning
  • Monitoring and assessment
  • Forecasting
  • Tracking and tracing
  • Negotiating and market access

Supply chain / Traceability

Traceability enable customers/companies to track environmental, economic, health and social consequences of agricultural production processes, making it possible to calculate the “true cost of food”. It can also help to meet the increasing consumer demand for transparency and can improve producer revenue, market access and opportunities for access to capital.

Digital technologies have the potential to change today’s food system, making it not only healthier but also more nutritious, sustainable, efficient and inclusive. Traceability could also help smallscale producers to improve their market transparency, opportunities and access to capital.

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Project approval and execution

Project approval and execution

Project approval and execution

Project approval and execution

Project approval and execution


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