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Introduction vermicompost

Vermicomposting is a technology for converting half decomposed organic wastes into organic fertilizer with the help of earthworms and also Vermicomposting is the process by which worms are used to convert organic materials (usually wastes) into a humus-like material known as vermicompost and easily diluted by water which can be changed into vermiwash.

Vermiculture is the culture of earthworms. The goal is to continually increase the number of worms in order to obtain a sustainable liquid vermiwash harvest.

on the other hand, organic waste management is becoming a burning issue. The best option to merge these is through vermicomposting

Benefits of producing vermicompost

  • To produce quality organic liquid fertilizer.
  • To create a job opportunity for youth and women.
  • To reuse waste as input in organic farms
  • To decrease landfill due to waste disposal




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